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As fashions and styles change,  what seemed like a good choice of color, style and cut  might not look now, as good as it did years ago.  Remaking your old furs is an economical way to get further use out of an outdated design. Our expert furriers will show you the latest fashions and give you expert suggestions as to how your old fur can give you many continued years of use.

How about those inherited items that you are tired of ? Do not despair!  The fur garment  in question, can be remodeled to an updated dramatic result as if it was bought only yesterday!

Remodeling shearing process of regular or handplucked;  shearing old furs for conversion into fur lined outerwear;  or converting an old coat into jacket or vest; putting new cuffs and collars; offered only a fraction of the cost of puchasing new.!  We can dye or re-dye any garment in good condition.  Color dyeing of almost all colors , matching existing fur services are performed on any choice of color and fur.. for men and women fur garments alike.

Quotations are given upon receipt of garment

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