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The Oliverfurswholesale  website is designed for resellers only


Printable Catalog:

The Printable Catalogue will give you an instant access to an unbeatable selection of fashionable fur garment and designs displayed by the largest fur manufacturer in Canada and China! As a reseller, you will have the right to download and\print our photo catalogue.  Our professionally designed catalogue will enable you to group all of our styles into an acrobat reader file. You can download few or all, at once!. Simply put a check mark in the box(s) next to the selected photo(s). And once your selection is over, you can click the-Download Selected Image- bar located at the bottom of that page! The file is saved , ready to print or browse, *Our new catalogue will be available in PDF format (with a link to Adobe Acrobat Readers' page of free downloads).


Resellers’ Price List will be downloaded separately. The product numbers from the website will correspond  to the product number and the photo on the price list . In order to access the file, you will need to register and log-in.The registration process will be free for a limited time  A $5.00 fee will apply in the near future.

Your printed photo catalog, can be displayed in your store,  office or website.. It can be demonstrated or be forwarded to your acquaintances, clients, friends, relatives, peers , via e-mail or mail.. It can even be brought to your  hairdresser salon, kitchenware party, gym or bowling alley. Any creative ideas will work!


Based on the pre-established product price you can determine and add your very own profitable margin and the result will be your selling price! If the client decides to proceed with your quotation,  you can determine his or her size by using the convenient and simple measurement chart which will be available in our service section.


Once the chart is completed,  you can forward the details to us through e-mail or by phone. Please be advised that, most these garments will be custom made, therefore an allowance of 2-5 weeks will be appreciated. Upon completion,  we’ll ship the garment  immediately so that you can finalize your sale.


For complicated Custom Orders, we would strongly recommend a “cloth canvas pattern”  Cloth canvas will be created as per provided measurement and specifications at a minimal additional cost of $59 for a jacket and $79 for a coat. The cloth canvas will confirm and ensure the perfect fit,  So that there are no potential disappointments later…


Payment Details:

20% deposit is needed to start with the order and the balance to be paid prior to shipping. Shipping fee must always be added to the cost of the coats


Wholesale Shop:

The wholesale section will feature a large variety of brand new and pre-owned and refurbished fur garments, as well as fur accessories offered at best possible prices.

A wholesale section will additionally  feature, showroom and sample sized clearance items as one time only  bargain opportunities


a) Brand New Coats / Jackets:

The brand new coats and jackets from this section will feature luxurious fur garments. It will also feature  inexpensive day to day garments, such as; lamb skin, rabbit, knitted, colored fox and few minks, mostly produced in China.

As a reseller, you will benefit profoundly from these inexpensive garments as the average mark-up and profit of margin will be much higher since it will move much much faster.

For example,  Let’s say you have an item of $25.00 and you sold it for $50.00. Your net profit is $25.00 .So you have already doubled your investment!. But the result of your $$ volume turnover will be extremely high as fast selling term of “flying off the shelves” will definitely apply to this inexpensive items. With these inexpensive and top selling items you can also have the opportunity to stock or enhance your inventory with minimal investment.

Since the prices are very low, a minimum order of  2 for inexpensive and an order of  5 will be appreciated  for the least inexpensive fur garments. Website members with multiple orders will benefit and save further from our very Special Wholesale Discount Price Program. Delivery time may vary anywhere from 4 to 7weeks .

b) Refurbished or recycled:

The refurbished or recycled concept is to retrieve 2 outdated "like new" mink fur coats and refurbish and restyle into a brand new design and complete it with a brand new lining. Hence the outcome is a new custom mink fur coat designed, as per provided measurements and style at fraction of a brand new price.


c) Pre-owned coats:

Pre-owned coats are purchased directly from individuals all over Canada and they will be sold as wearable condition. They can also be put to use in producing our refurbished styles or transformed into accessories such as headbands, hand-muffs, handbags, mittens, etc. These items will be sold at very competitive prices and ultimately will give you the requested stretch to generate your sales with excellent mark-ups.

We will always ensure the quality & condition of our pre-owned furs by applying the all necessary repairs and care.. The condition of the fur will always be upgraded by correction of wears, hooks, buttons, lining, cleaning and glazing the coat etc.

Pre-owned coats that are in good condition are very much in demand, mainly because of its low prices. With  pre-owned or refurbished fur coats, a client has the opportunity to own a fur at a fraction of a brand new one. And for those who are not comfortable with the idea of owning a fur , A recycled fur might be a good choice  since it is considered as environmentally friendly and acceptable.

*Most of our pre-owned coats are listed on Ebay under our user name oliverfurs..

Fur accessory Collection:

Refurbished & Brand New:
Headbands, hats, gloves, scarves are only the few examples of a huge variety of fur accessories that can be created or re-created. 

Most of our specialized accessory items will be produced in our factory in China

Refurbished accessories are created from a selected good quality pre-owned raccoon, mink, beaver, coyote, Persian lamb, fur coats and are offered at amazingly low prices.

Prior to recreation,  The quality and condition of the  fur is upgraded and updated  therefore they are in an excellent condition They  are  cleaned , worn areas removed, leather side reinforced and thoroughly prepared for restyling.

We also offer a similar collection of accessories created from fresh brand new pelts.
Brand new accessory represent top quality, best workmanship and furs bright as a beautiful smile with pearly shiny teeth!

Our company offers a variety of fur products , all created under one roof , to fulfill the demands of those who want the very best for themselves and their clients.

*If you do not have a computer or access to a printer, we will have another option for you to receive a printed version, however there will be a charge for the printing and postage, which will be reimbursed with your first order.



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